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Hello Kids,

Hello parents,

Ready for a night full of entertainment and magical moment. Great, so i will present myself, my name is "Full Moon". I will be your guide through this journey of fairytale videos. I will introduce you to my family and then transport you to the world of dreams that you are definitely waiting for. Hold your breath, here it comes……..

The Moon family consists of the father: "Full Moon",

Full Moon

The mother: "Honey Moon",

Honey Moon

The son: "Blue Moon".

Blue Moon

He is the second full moon of a calendar month. He is the sole hereditary after his father "Full".

"Blue’s" cousin is "Lunar", she is from a different solar system but she comes to visit very often. "Blue" is her best friend. Together, they have very exciting adventures.


She comes from the pink land where everything is pink. The trees, the animals, the people, water are all pink. Inhabitants even get pink dreams!!!
Only pink panther is green!!!

Green panther

She is bilingual; she speaks English and Pinkoid, the official language of "pink land".

"Full" is an electrician; his job is to illuminate planet earth. He likes his job especially because he works in collaboration with his best friend, “the Sun”.


Together, they make a great team. "The sun" has special powers, it can transmit a huge amount of light, "Full"’ job is to direct or reflects this light to planet Earth during nighttime.

"Full" and "the sun" have also another job. They work together like puppet manipulators. The puppets in this situation are the waves in the sea. "Full" and "The Sun" are able to produce high waves using their magnetic powers.


People on planet earth call this Tide. Tides are the rise and fall of sea levels caused by the great power exerted by "Full Moon", his friend "The Sun" and the rotation of planet Earth.
This is an exciting show for the kids, especially for "Blue" and "Lunar". They take pleasure in watching "Full" acting like a magician, controlling water from a huge distance. Everybody in the galaxy rush to get tickets to assist to "Full"'s incredible show.
"Blue" knows that one day, he will learn this trick and amaze the whole universe with his special power.

"Honey Moon", the mother, owns a travel agency. She organizes vacations for newly wedded couples. She has very nice packages to top galaxy destination including: Saturn rings, romantic Venus planet and the famous Jupiter planet.


She plans the vacation in a way that the couple only needs to worry about the wedding. She recommends maximum relaxation and leaving everything to her. Her slogan is: “Enjoy and leave the rest to "Honeymoon" on your honeymoon.”

"Full" and "Honey" have a health problem that occurs to them at opposite time of the month. "Full" gets fat at the middle of the month and then gets thinner at the beginning and end of the month. "Honey" experiences the same problem but with different timing. This syndrome is called "Eclipsosis".


No remedy has been found yet for this disease, but "Full" and "Honey" adapted to their condition and learned to deal with it with a smile. They now know that positive thinking is the way to overcome tough situations. So they spend hours and hours smiling until they feel good from the inside!!!!!!

Recently, the galaxy is experiencing a new movement in its field. It is a situation where certain objects - later identified as satellite moon from planet earth- are orbiting close by. The "Moon family" called these satellites mosquitoes because not only they are annoying by their noisy flight, whining in the ears and driving everybody crazy, but also sometimes some creatures get out off it and stick their needle on the moon.
Those so-called needles are actually flags. Astronauts who were able to travel all the way from the earth to the moon want to leave a trace of their passage. So they stick their flag and keep it to the new generation to watch their glory.

Mosquito bites

"Full" had his first mosquito bite from a satellite called Apollo 11, through an astronaut called "Neil Armstrong". "Full" tried to defend himself against this bite using his “No gravity, No air” powers, but couldn’t protect himself from the bite. "Neil Armstrong" was very strong and well equipped for his mission.

Nobody in Moonland discovered the intention of these creatures. Many studies have been conducted from scientists from the "Moon Intergalaxial University" (MIU) to determine the nature of this activity.
They are also developing what they called: ‘a mosquito repellent’ to try to prevent any further bites….

"Full" always teaches his family members to be aware of the evil in the sky. This evil is two creatures, one is called blackhole and the other one is called the Halley Meteor.

The black hole is region of space from which nothing can escape. It is so powerful, it works like a vacuuming machine; it sucks all what comes in its way. No matter how big and strong, nobody can outperform the black hole, not even superman can escape it!!!!

Black hole

It feeds mainly on stars and small moons. It can trick the objects passing nearby and drag it to its vicinity where it vanishes. Very mean evil creatures and "Full" wants his family to be super careful while walking around the galaxy.

The other evil in the sky is called "Halley".


When it hits, it is very bright and spectacular. It is accompanied by a very noisy sound that terrifies the whole kingdom where Moon’s family lives.
Moonland has hired several stars from the galaxy as security employees to watch for the arrival of this monster. They have studied its emergence to be once every 75 to 76 years. It hasn’t strike for the last 74 years, that’s why, everybody is worried and prepared for it to hit very soon.

The government of the galaxy has provided awareness campaigns. All TV channels, newspaper and street advertising are talking about this scary event. Each family has developed its own way to protect itself. Many of them have built iron or steal shields that are very tough to break. But those shields are very costly and needs a lot of time to be built. Inhabitants of the galaxy are fighting over the last shields available on the market.

The Moon family is on the waiting list to get one of these strong shields. But "Full" can’t count on luck! He can’t jeopardize the safety of his family; he is responsible of its protection.
He had another strategy, a clever one of course!! "Full" took a huge magnifying mirror as their sole weapon. Everybody in the kingdom was making fun of him. But he didn’t care. "Full" is a really sophisticated person. He knows by experience that tricking a monster-which is 1 million times bigger than you- is the only way out.
"Full"’s plan, when Halley approaches his territory, is to deceive him by putting a magnifying mirror in front of him. Magnifying mirrors enlarges the objects in front of it many many times. Halley will assume that a bigger monster is moving towards him, he will be terrified by its presence and decides to conquer other lands. When in fact, it is nothing but a silly mirror!!!

"Full" has a belief that he wants to transmit to his family. Giant size and big muscles don’t mean power; the brain is the only rescue. This is his key quote in life.

On the bright side of this galaxy, each evening, a meteor shower takes place.

Meteor shower

You must be wondering what is a meteor shower. It is actually a celestial event in which a number of meteor are observed to radiate from one point in the night sky.
These meteors enter the galaxy’ atmosphere at extremely high speeds on parallel trajectories. Most meteors are smaller than a grain of sand. They are luminous and look like fireworks. It is similar to snow falling with all the peacefulness that comes with it.

"Blue" and "Lunar" wait for this exciting moment every evening. They repeat in their small head what their grandma always tell them about this shower: “Listen kids, this moment is a thrilling moment, old myth pretends that when you attend this shower all your wishes come true. This shower transports you to the land of serenity and dreams. Let it import you and let your imagination take you wherever you desire”.

The children used to listen to their grandma with passion and attentiveness. They are aware that what they are watching is unique and supernatural. And that it is definitely transmitting a message from a mysterious yet beautiful world.

Once this event occurs, they unconsciously remember three magical words: “PJs, teeth, bed.”
It is the voice of their father, "Full". "Full" asks "Blue" and "Lunar" to put on their PJs, brush their teeth and meet him in bed. This is a ritual that the Moon family has been passing from one generation to another.

Once in bed, "Full" puts on his "Fairytale Hat".


The children are very attentive. Their eyes are sparkling waiting for "Full"’s new story. Their hearts are beating, they are very curious; they have been waiting for this moment since the morning…

And then "Full" says with an exhilarating tone: “ Come to the world of dreams, come to the Moon’s Family country”.

And the stories begin…

Click on each video to hear "Full"’s bedtime fairytales. Select the language of your choice.

Enjoy and sweet dreams…